Leadership dereliction to allow viral spread

Maui just dodged the bullet of Hurricane Douglas, which it could do nothing about, yet it continues to play fast and loose with the continuing COVID-19 threat.

As Douglas churned, the state posted three consecutive days of record-high, single-day increases in virus cases, and on one of those days adding five cases on Maui. That does not have to continue.

With a no-nonsense approach, the island is well-positioned to avoid any COVID-19 problems here permanently. As an island, with the proper requirements in place there is no excuse for any additional cases. The solution is supremely simple.

Require everyone to wear a mask outside the home, not just in stores, and practice social distancing everywhere. Because of the virus, there are very few visitors to the island, thus very little traffic, thus fewer tickets for the police to write, thus a decline in the county’s already virus-strained coffers. The police who normally would write traffic tickets can easily stop and give a ticket to someone not wearing a mask that covers the nose.

To any who whine that it violates their rights, remind them those rights have always ended at the tip of someone else’s nose. Everyone has a right to be stupid, but not wearing a mask during the COVID-19 spread is tantamount to assault on other people and should be prosecuted as such.

It’s a dereliction of duty for our leaders to allow the spread to continue when we are in such a unique position to end it entirely, so easily.

Howard Fields



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