Mayor had enough time to open Maui’s economy

Let’s review, shall we? There was talk about opening Mainland travel in July. That was nixed and Aug. 1 was the new date, when Mainland passengers could be tested prior to boarding to Hawaii. That was nixed because “we aren’t ready.”

So, Sept. 1 became the new date for Mainland travel as long as passengers tested negative within 72 hours of flying.

Now Mayor Victorino is saying Sept. 1 is not likely because “not only is the state seeing an uptick, but so is the Mainland, including California.” What do “upticks” have to do with travel from the Mainland? Isn’t that exactly why we insist on a negative test prior to travel? You’re either negative (okay to travel) or positive (not okay to travel). “Upticks” shouldn’t factor in, not when deaths caused by the virus are plummeting in spite of “upticks”!

You’ve had enough time and we’ve had enough of your phony excuses and delays! Open up!

John Kennedy



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