MPD typically vague about officer death

The recent “accidental line of duty” death of federal ATF Officer John Bost III from the alleged “accidental” discharge of a rifle at Kihei Police Station last week is yet another one of MPD’S typically vague responses to its oft questionable shooting incidents.

Accident is defined as an unplanned incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally. There is no doubt that Officer Bost was an expert in the use of firearms — a practice which requires one to exercise a reasonable duty of care. The incident was said to have occurred at a facility where the highest degree or standard of safe and professional conduct is paramount. Consequently, absent further explanation, a reckoning of gross negligence or recklessness is likely part of the equation here.

Public trust in our community law enforcement operations demands prompt and truthful reporting on matters of this nature.

We also must know if Police Commission oversight of this department is lacking.

John Dunbar



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