Testing could solve travel restrictions

None of us are thrilled about letting tourists from the Mainland back here on Maui, but the reality is that no tourists means a lot of people are out of work.

Here is a way we can help with both situations. Rather than putting off the date which we allow tourists to return without quarantine, let’s instead tighten down the testing that must be done for all visitors. I would suggest that a COVID test must be administered no more than 36 hours before arrival, or alternatively, a test within 72 hours before arrival and a mandatory follow-up test within 24 hours after arriving. A post-arrival test will encourage people to use good COVID-avoidance practices in the days right before they fly.

Get the hotels involved in this, after all they would like to open so put some of the burden on them to help arrange for a post-arrival test. The airlines can help by waiving cancellation fees if the traveler must cancel due to testing positive. Nobody is going to want to book a flight if they risk losing their money.

Scott Werden



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