Barr openly committing treason protecting Trump

Bill Barr is openly committing treason by protecting Trump and his criminals from justice.

There are thousands of honest attorneys and such that want him to resign. When the Trump gang of criminals get their just deserts, and all do some time, I look to see Barr among them.

Barr is supposed be working for the people. Now that he is Trump’s lawyer, who pays him? Is it still our taxes, or Trump’s money, as it should be.

Trump’s buddies, the Russians, are at it again and we all know that is so. We have plenty of information covering what they have already done getting Trump the presidency.

How does Trump get away with it? Besides his connection to Putin, he has done tricks removing a lot of our postage system from voting use. As usual, Barr is covering for him. Why is he not arrested now!

Pippo Schillaci



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