Bishop Estate could develop historical park

Kamehameha Schools/Bishop Estate could reforest and develop a historical park above and below the Lahainaluna bypass. Here are ideas for park amenities.

Navigating by stars, Hawaiians discovered the islands. Feature outrigger canoes for photo-ops and play area. Install motion sensor splash pads for refreshing fun.

Depicting a traditional Hawaiian village, create a large covered playground with separate “Menehune” toddler zone.

Develop competitive recreational areas to commemorate regional battles. Include basketball, tennis, pickleball, and volleyball courts.

Construct a replica of the Iolani Palace gazebo with ceiling murals featuring Hawaii’s monarchs.

Honor David Malo with an amphitheater for historical reenactments, hula, plays, lectures, concerts, movies, and community entertainment. Provide a platform to carry on his love of learning.

Build picnic pavilions with plantation-era architecture. In rafter panels, paintings would depict the history of immigrants to Hawaii.

Display whaler artifacts in a nautical looking structure. Use it for the park’s security headquarters, office and information station.

Erect a Royal Wayside Chapel to learn about Hawaii’s missionary history, Christian heritage and Aloha Spirit origins

Dog parks and bird sanctuaries could have displays explaining how animals originated on the islands.

Signage along the trails would describe the trees and plants. Agriculture parks would include history of farming in Hawaii.

Recognize local veterans with personalized paver bricks. Paint a mural on the exterior of the restroom facility highlighting Mala Wharf’s “Glory Days.”

Bernice Pauahi Bishop valued education and loved children. Developing a cultural and historical public-use park on her property is something she would do.

Michele Lincoln



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