Power outage story left out quite a bit

Monday Sept. 7, The Maui News reported on a power outage for Paia on Page A3. Your report tells a very small part of the story — you left out quite a bit, actually.  

The outage occurred Saturday Sept. 5, around 6:45 a.m. Residents of Skill Village were without power for 12 hours because of those downed poles. Both entrances to our neighborhood were blocked from 7 a.m. until noon that day. No one could enter or leave, some people missed work. One entrance opened, as I said, around noon.

Power returned to us close to 7 p.m. Baldwin Avenue was completely re-opened close to daybreak Sunday morning.

I live in Skill Village and I subscribe to The Maui News. My reason for writing is to recognize the scores of HECO and Spectrum employees who worked all day in the sun, and well into the night, to make things right for us and the other area residents who were inconvenienced.  Your report stated, “power was restored to most customers by 8:50 a.m.” It wasn’t that simple!

Dot Miller



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