Rallies defying virus rules should face citations, fines

I have been exceptionally proud of our community and its behavior since the beginning of the pandemic. That Maui has not witnessed a serious spike with the virus is a testament to our cautious, careful and respectful observance of the requests for public safety.

That is, I was proud until last week when I saw hundreds of sign-waving, shouting Trump supporters unmasked and not observing any of the recommendations for social distancing.

I question the absence of any legal action taken with them in their defiance. Such a rally will not be a single incident either, because in their public announcements for future rallies, they are asking that no masks be worn because they do not want to do it as a right, and that the government be damned as well.

I could go on and on about how disgraceful this is and not pono. I need to also make clear that I am against any group violating established, well-working solutions to impede the virus. So, this not an anti-Trump complaint per se, but it is what it is when you can clearly see what is happening.

And last, while I am subject to fines, citations, etc., if I am in violation, how is it then that these hundreds of disdainful people are not? Weekly rallies are planned, so I ask, are the county and the police going to ensure that we are protected?

Vincent Linares



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