Support the population of the whole country by voting blue

Our government doesn’t have the balance of power envisioned by its founders. House representation is based on population plus two Senators from each state. Today, for example, California has 39.5 million people, Kentucky has 4.5 million, just 11 percent of California. Total U.S. population is 328 million, of which Kentucky is only 1.4 percent, yet they have 2 percent of the Senate vote.

When House bills are passed and sent to the Senate Republican majority leader McConnell (from Kentucky and who has a net worth over $20 million) has control of which bills may be voted upon, denying any which he and Trump don’t support. Now over 400.

Trump feels he is above the law. McConnell decides what laws can be voted on, and Trump’s appointee William Barr allows them to do as they please, so we now live in an oligarchy.

They say they are protecting us from the “Socialists,” as they call the Democrats, by threatening Medicare and Social Security which we and our employers paid into our entire working lives. Then they give huge tax cuts to the millionaires and billionaires that support them. If Trump and his followers stay in power, Social Security will be gone by 2023. Many millions will be destitute and without health care. This is devastating to our health and well being as a nation. We must stop this and support the population of our whole country rather than just the very rich. Please vote and Vote Blue.

Harlan Hughes



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