USPS won’t forward election-related mail

Did you receive a mail-in ballot for the August primary?

If you didn’t there may be several causes. One is moving since the last election in which you voted. The U.S. Post Office is not allowed to forward election-related mail, even if you provided a forwarding address.

The same problem applies to students who were receiving mail at their school address and now, because of COVID-19, you packed up and went back to your home on Maui. The post office will not forward your mail-in ballot either.

What you need to do can be solved by one of the following contacts: olvr.hawaii.gov to register or update your mailing address; Maui County Clerk’s Office at county.clerk@mauicounty.us or call 270-7749.

I saw figures showing 40 percent of Maui’s mail-in ballots were returned because of “no such person at this address,” with 42.7 percent of eligible voters mailing in their ballot in August. If my math is correct, that also means that 17.3 percent of the eligible voters threw their ballot in the trash.

A few national political commentators have said this November election is the first time since Franklin D. Roosevelt that we voters can make a significant change in the U.S.

People, use your voting power. Make sure you get a mail-in ballot and use it!

Dennis Lokmer



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