Who doesn’t have fun at bowling alleys?

Good news at last! I just read that former mayor Charmaine Tavares has kept her bowling alley dreams alive, thus making a happy start to my day.

After all, who doesn’t have fun at a bowling alley?

Even my small hometown of 5,000 had a bowling alley. For a community like Maui to no longer have lanes open to the public (the small bowling alley in Wailuku is leagues only) leaves a void.

The added bonus to Tavares’ vision is utilizing one of the vacant big box stores as a location. The old Safeway area has become a blight and an active bowling alley would revitalize it, and even be a boon to Ross, I’d guess.

Financing is apparently the next major hurdle. A thought: much like the residents of Green Bay own the Packers, why not sell shares to the Maui community in the new Maui Lanes?

The venture is sure to be a success and could provide a nice dividend to investors in addition to enhancing Maui’s quality of life.

Bravo to Charmaine Tavares for her perseverance.

Jamie David

Maui Meadows


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