Choosing commerce over health concerns?

There is a history in Hawaii of its inhabitants succumbing to diseases brought by adventurers and commercial interests.

In fact, pure Hawaiian lines in existence today may possess the most vital, resilient and fit Hawaiian genetics. They carry constitutions of survival.

Somewhere in their psyche and deep consciousness, they must also carry a history of threat, warning and lessons learned.

Surviving European lines have similar inherited and interior dynamics and memories. After all, Europe suffered many epidemics. Real killers and enduring plagues. But Western, Central and Eastern European sovereignties were contiguous; they lacked oceans for separation, and mountains or rivers were easily crossed by germs and carriers.

Hawaii is different. We have thousands of miles of ocean to separate us from mainlands. European cities, towns, villages and hamlets on the European continent had no Pacific moat.

Hawaii possesses both geographical immunity and a state government which, under its constitution, has the right and authority to continue its isolation and relative safety and protection of its people.

Were one to ask a thoughtful adult which it would choose: Commerce or health? Or even commerce or the threat of illness: Would you expect the majority of people to choose commerce?

Raphael O’Suna



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