Governor should consider opening an island at a time

More than half of the states and many parts of Europe and elsewhere are reporting increased and accelerating numbers of new cases of COVID-19. In many places, the death rate has also increased.

What is alarming at this late date is this: Studies have shown that within 90 days of recovery from this virus, more serious or permanent damage to organs other than the lungs are being detected in startling numbers.

There are those in the field who now suspect that this virus may not be solely a respiratory one. That it might rather be a vascular one. Meaning that it gets into the blood and circulates throughout the system.

Once in the blood, every organ is at risk of damage. The studies have shown great numbers of heart damage, but also kidney, brain and eye intrusion.

With all the new findings circulating through the world, and all the indications of another wave, our governor remains in a pickle. The pressures put on him by commercial interests are intense and rational.

However, Maui, for one, is an isolated island with little evidence of new cases. We also have a large elderly population whose organs cannot survive viral attack. Why would elderly people consent to the introduction of new virus cases which would make their last lingering years miserable?

Perhaps the governor should consider opening one island at a time. Oahu first. But much earlier than Maui.

Raphael O’Suna



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