It does not matter who wins elections

OK I’m sold. I want to help create Mauitopia.

Given all the current political ads, does it matter who I vote for? Does it matter if I vote for Senator Biden or President Trump? What can I do now?

Happily, it doesn’t matter what you do, other than these three things. First, do what you love for work. Second, live aloha. Third, pretend you are already living in Mauitopia.

A decade ago, I wrote the pamphlet, or mini book “Creating Mauitopia: Making Maui a Real Paradise” (updated edition available for free at mauitopia.org).

The first large-scale utopian community, all the residents of Maui will have no violent crime, everyone will do what they love, and all of us will live aloha.

It does not matter who wins the elections. Mauitopia will happen.

Ori Kopelman



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