Local economy that works can be model to the world

I voted today. The most important election I’ve voted in in the past 50 years for the obvious reason.

Our democracy, our form of government of checks and balances, our power to vote, has never been more at risk. There are obvious flaws in how it works; the fact that money and corporate power have a grip on too many of our elected officials; elections seem to be won by who spends the most money; the fact that few of us have direct contact with the people we elect, we only get what is reported to us, wherever we tune in.

Locally, I kept looking for the charter amendment that would give us, the residents of Maui County, the choice to decide to what degree we let this island be crowded by tourists and further development.

We’ve gotten to witness what a slower, less crowded Maui is like, how the ocean, reefs and streams have benefitted. They have a vote, too!

We can make a local economy that works for everyone here and become a model to the world as a sustainable, regenerative, thriving community with a tiny carbon footprint that feeds itself on locally grown, chemical-free food and creates all the energy it needs without using oil, gas or coal.

Where we return land to the host culture and show the world we can make amends for past mistakes. Now that picture is a tourist attraction!

Rev. Bodhi Be



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