Maui News panders its owners’ politics

A recent letter to the editor pointed out how The Maui News panders to the political leanings of its’ Mainland owners. I agree.

The Maui News recently posted two photos of Biden sign wavers and titled the piece, “Supporters wave for Biden/Harris on the west side.” The photographer got a picture of no more than a dozen Biden supporters and a supporter who was quoted wasn’t even from the west side. He was from Kahului.

Ironically, for six or more consecutive Saturdays, as many as 150 patriotic flag wavers have been showing up at the same location to support the POTUS. No photo of that in The Maui News.

The Maui News ceased to be a local paper when the Cameron family sold it in 2000. It is even less of a local paper today.

Kirk Boes



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