Rawlins-Fernandez deserves second term

Keani Rawlins-Fernandez deserves her second term as council member from Molokai.

She has shone in her role as chair of the powerful Maui County Economic, Development and Budget Committee presiding with fairness, and transparency, two essential principles needed at this time.

She is a builder of relationships. She guided the council through the county budget process with integrity and intelligence. She created a new budget review process that showed her leadership acuity.

Her youth has been a strength. Her UH Manoa Richardson School of Law education gave her a keen and logical mind that she uses to problem solve and create solutions that benefit all of us.

Her Molokai background gives her the heart of aloha. She is a true public servant to her community. She knows her ancestors require her to malama aina.

What that means for the future of the islands is that she is making plans. She secured the finances for the development of a Master Plan for Molokai that would address climate change and sea level rise and would be the first master plan addressing this in the state. Planning for the inevitable future of climate change adaptations and resiliency is something a leader does. It is something a woman deeply connected to her aina does.

During this crisis of COVID-19, her advocacy for public health resulted in the first free community testing for Molokai in April! In one day, 400 people received tests.

She is someone we need to support. Vote for the Molokai seat. Vote Keani.

Sierra Knight



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