Second test a must for opening to visitors

While we all truly hope that the single COVID-19 test tourist visitor program put in place Oct. 15 by Gov. Ige, Mayor Caldwell, Mayor Mike and Director Sandy is a success, it is not likely to be so. More likely will be a surge in infection rates and cases, flooding of our very limited intensive care facilities and many more deaths of fellow Maui citizens.

One test, as Josh Green and real experts say, is 75 to 80 percent effective. Two consecutive tests, however, are 95 to 98 percent effective at detecting infection if done three days apart.

Without that mandatory second test, it is almost certain we will be allowing hundreds of very contagious virus carriers into our communities among the thousands of tourists arriving daily. This is the most likely outcome.

Our elected leaders under heavy pressure from many tourist industry representatives have frankly abrogated their primary responsibility for the safety of Maui citizens in allowing Governor Ige’s plan to be put in place in our community.

Kauai and the Big Island interestingly have not allowed Ige’s plan. Please let our elected leaders know this is an unacceptable risk and the likely consequences will be most unfortunate.

A safe recovery plan for Maui with two mandatory tests is the only reasonable way to go for a safe, well managed and sustainable recovery.

Paul Meyer



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