Speed humps in curb lanes where children might dash

I’ve been playing Senior Softball on Maui since 2000. The players all appreciate the support of Kaunoa and Maui County Parks and Recreation Department. After games are done, we all get together for potluck. Player’s friends and family join in, including grandkids and great-grandkids.

Every year, after many of the games, the remark is made about the high-speed traffic on Kanaloa Avenue, which runs through the War Memorial and Keopuolani Park complex. Vehicles in the 30-mph zone are approaching 60 mph.

Several people have suggested speed bumps (humps). We realize that emergency vehicles must use Kanaloa. How about putting the bumps in the outside (curb) lanes where children might dash out between parked cars? Leave the center lanes with no bumps for emergency traffic.

To date I am not aware of any serious incidents in this area. Let’s keep it that way.

Dennis Lokmer



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