Taking issue with mayoral election recommendations

I just received the mayor’s email regarding his recommendations to vote no on all the charter amendments. By asking the public to vote no on all the charter amendments, the mayor is saying no to funding affordable housing.

One of the seven charter amendments is to maintain the affordable housing fund, which is a consistent funding source for the creation of housing for needy families.

The mayor’s position is consistent with his failed affordable housing policies and his inability to initiate affordable housing projects on his own. How can you tell people to vote against affordable housing? Shame on you!

The email also notes a slate of County Council candidates to vote for, who are the mayor’s yes people that support his failed policies. Obviously not listed is Mike Molina, who is the only council member that has been willing to challenge the mayor on his inability to act, and his lack of leadership on the recovery, creation of housing, protecting the environment and the creation of jobs.

Mr. Mayor, the nerve of you to think that you can influence my vote or that of the public. Your ineffective government and policies have put a wedge between you and the residents of Maui County.

Patricia Daniels



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