Tasha Kama has my vote for Maui County Council

In previous years, I had never paid attention to politics. Similar to others, I believed that my vote would not make a difference nor would the choice in candidates have an effect on my life.

However, with the unforeseen events occurring this year, I’ve become more aware of the concerns within the community.

After developing more knowledge of our local leaders, I’ve come to recognize that those chosen in office make all the difference. They decide the choices that affect our everyday lives.

When choosing candidates, I strongly believe in fairness and open-mindedness. I believe that Tasha Kama holds these qualities and has showcased this to the community on many occasions.

She has the ability to make sound choices and is receptive in decision-making without being easily influenced by the popular vote. Tasha has experience in civic matters and is capable of handling issues with a considerable amount of care and attention.

She continues to reach out to the community to assist in any concerns the public may have and does so with the utmost integrity. Tasha Kama has my vote for Maui County Council.

Jasmine Vergara



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