Vote for incumbent Kama because local values matter

To see the University of Hawaii Maui Campus dorms under construction is a testament to the collaborative, inclusive style of council member Tasha Kama.

The dorms were sitting vacant for years, but as a new council member, she worked to finish the efforts of the Department of Housing and Human Concerns, received over $5 million in grant funding from our state legislators and then finalized the lease terms with UH-MC Chancellor Hokoana.

The dorm will provide 12 families with shelter and provide the social services needed to help them continue on their path to success.

Council member Kama stands by her convictions; local values matter. She does her homework, studies and researches before she votes on the council floor. She is not a follower and will not be threatened to follow. Council member Kama is her own person who represents your voices!

Council member Kama is a descendant from this land, and it has given her with the responsibility to take care of it for the next seven generations. As a native Hawaiian, she has an obligation of taking care of her place of birth. It is her essence, to give life to the land to the people that have been brought forth from this land.

I urge you to vote for council member Tasha Kama, a voice for Maui nui a kama.

Sandra L. Aki



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