Vote for King to support agriculture on Maui

When I examined County Council member Kelly King’s voting record for bills and ordinances that would serve our agricultural sector in Maui County, I found she voted every time in favor of our farmers’ need to prosper, including the Charter Amendment to create a Maui County department of agriculture.

She believes the funding should wait until FY2022, which is not that far away. She also is in support of an in-depth needs assessment of our current and future farmers before the department is created.

To say it is not easy for farmers to make a living is an understatement.

In the time of the pandemic, when the need for food security has been in the forefront, Kelly has worked tirelessly to assure our people most in need are fed.

She and State Rep. Tina Wildberger went down to Kihei Elementary in March and helped to distribute food to kids and their families during the Department of Education Grab and Go.

At a Maui Family Farmer Training Network Zoom meeting, Kelly reunited with many of the 84 graduates of Farm Apprentice Mentoring Program as they expressed their appreciation for Kelly’s ongoing championing of their tuition supported education in regenerative agriculture.

I am not a farmer. I am, and have been for many years, a Maui farmer supporter and will continue to be as we elect the Ohana Candidate slate in the upcoming election and vote yes for all of the charter amendments.

Phyllis Robinson



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