Vote Green candidate in presidential contest

There are 50 separate elections held in November for POTUS. In the United States’ electoral system, we do not choose our POTUS via the popular vote, but by the Electoral College.

In the close to 40 states which are not competitive, the outcome is already known!

This includes Hawaii; the Democrat candidate will receive 60-plus percent of the votes. In the last three elections, the Democrat candidate received 61 percent, 70 percent and 71 percent; thus, with our winner-take-all system was awarded all four electoral votes. Voting for who one wants, rather than only against who one does not want, will not change the outcome.

The Green Party is built on four pillars of grassroots democracy, social justice, peace and ecology. Many people in this upcoming POTUS election are guided by fear in voting against the current incumbent. The Green Party strongly advocates standing up and voting with courage. Climate change is the most important issue; future generations depend on bold policies, by standing up to the corporate stranglehold of our limiting two party system.

Without a truly progressive candidate on the ballot, the alternative to the current POTUS is pushed toward more conservative policy positions, meaning less available for education, housing, healthcare, social programs, employment, and worse, the environment.

Do not throw away your vote. Vote your ideals, your truth, for the future of our country. Make a strategic, positive vote for our future and for the future generations of your children and your children’s children. Take a stand. Vote Green.




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