Vote Rawlins-Fernandez for council from Molokai

Keani Rawlins-Fernandez has been an amazing addition to the Maui County Council. In only her second year on the council, she was made vice chair of the council, showing appreciation for her intelligence, levelheadedness and leadership skills.

She was also appointed chair of the Economic Development and Budget Committee undertaking the huge task of guiding the council through the budget review and approval process. And she did this while making the budget session virtual, which brought more inclusion and transparency of the process to all of Maui.

Keani also initiated and got funding for the creation of the Moloka’i Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Adaptation and Resiliency Master Plan, a model which will now be utilized for all of Maui.

Her opponent already had her time on the council.

Keani has added so much more to the Molokai County Council seat!

Susan Bradford



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