Youth needs to be first as nation put back together

There is a great deal America must be ready for. Should the good guys win, we will need to seriously put America back together. Our youth needs to be first. I don’t think the old ways are all good for their needs.

I am a seventh-grade dropout. I could see I was being taught for specific kinds of jobs and no way for something with a better future. This is not to say all teaching was like that, but as a new Sicilian, it was decided that I should sweep streets or stuff like that. Escaping it was the right move. I learned to find and get with specially-educated people. Richard Feynman and Tom Van Sant, to name a couple.

I believe all students, should get any education they can handle, just like the rich.

Teach economies from the bottom up and not as “trickle down.” Take all the many bucks out of governance.

Let’s really clean up America. Do it for everyone.

Pippo Schillaci



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