47 percent not half, dead people didn’t vote

On Nov. 17, The Maui News printed a letter claiming that Donald Trump received “half” the popular vote in the most recent election, and that “dead people” voted in all 50 states.

As to the first claim, in no universe is the 47.3 percent of the vote Trump received “half.” This is something we all learned in first grade.

As to the second claim, I would be very interested to see the proof of these alleged dead voters. How many such votes were there in each state? If there was actual evidence of this, surely it would have been presented in Trump’s many, many lawsuits attempting to undermine the election results. But, mysteriously, that hasn’t happened.

If The Maui News is going to continue to print letters making assertions with no basis in reality, please let everyone know. I’ll be sure to write in to explain that Mike Pence is an alien from Neptune.

Richard Rost



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