Article on Guzman hearing said to be ‘a bit slanted’

People who lead often need to use everything they have got to get the job done and many in demanding jobs did not have the luxury of being Harvard-educated.

Violence in the workplace, in the home, in family businesses and in the churches happens daily. The Maui News article regarding the Don Guzman hearing that he violated county workplace violence rules as county prosecutor was a bit slanted.

Those quoted were scared? Traumatized? What is violence? Throwing a book at someone? Yelling to make a point? Demanding a job get done? Could workers change departments? Is it only against women?

Too many men and women daily put up with employers, business partners and spouses to keep their homes, to keep their children from becoming homeless.

If Guzman has proved himself to be an excellent reformer, then demote him. Don’t throw out an experienced prosecutor. I believe Guzman to be above retaliation.

Anyone who seeks a government job needs to understand with the power and the glory comes extreme stress, long hours and demanding public criticisms.

Obama writes in his new memoir that when he learned of a “deepening dissatisfaction” among senior women in his administration, it was a “blind spot” for him. The women were sick of men talking over them or claiming their ideas. They felt “diminished, ignored and increasingly reluctant to voice their opinions” — and some broke down in tears. Obama held a meeting to clear the air and realized he was part of the problem because of his own machismo. 

Sylvia Cabral



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