Be patient, let election process run its course

In response to the letter writer complaining of the paper’s failure to announce Biden as the winner of the presidential election: Newspapers, including the Associated Press, do not have the authority to declare the winner before the various states are done counting.

It is my understanding that the Government Accountability Office will make that determination on Dec. 14, as spelled out in the Constitution.

In this particular election, corruption and fraud have exceeded previously known bounds and the outcome is yet in doubt.

Personally, I think it will be decided by the Supreme Court. If they are unable or unwilling to sort it out, it will fall upon the 50 states to elect a president, each state getting one vote.

This is the law and Democrats should not be afraid of a recount. I’m sure nobody wants dead people voting or secret algorithms such as are embedded in the Dominion Election System flipping votes to the other side as alleged to have taken place in 28 states.

Just be patient and let the process run its course. If your guy won fair and square, he’ll be inaugurated in January and you’ll have your way for the next four years.

Steve Smith



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