Gabbard would have horrified Patsy Mink

Many voters, once her fans, do not like Tulsi Gabbard, and her anemic performance as our Congressional representative. She represents the 2nd District, which is us, Maui. She was elected to the seat held by Patsy Mink, who I believe, as a former staffer, would be horrified to her bones by Tusli’s behavior, politics and service.

Tulsi’s family is shrouded in provocative, political behavior. Google Mike Gabbard, her dad. Many of us believed her word when she first ran and won, that daddy’s views and politics were not hers. The fruit, however, does not fall far from the tree! So, many of us voted for her the first time, given her obvious appeal. Ambition and her embrace of right-wing people and principles have soured her to many, many former supporters like me.

Her performance at the third debate and her abuse of the meaning of aloha given her past behavior, makes many of us ashamed, embarrassed and feeling the fool because we put her where she is, giving her a step-hold to promote her ambitions. She abuses and uses her volunteer military service and has of late become the darling of the right, and as Kamala Harris pointed out, a Fox favorite. She refuses to call Syria’s Assad a war criminal.

After a few years watching her ambition and misuse of the Hawaiian Democratic Party and Maui’s seat in the Congress, her true colors have been exposed. She does not reflect aloha in the sense that many of in Hawaii hold dear.

Vinnie Linares



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