Having to pay PUA back is cruel, unconstitutional

Recently, Hawaii Pandemic Unemployment Assistance sent letters to many PUA recipients that they must give back all money received as they decided they were actually ineligible.

I helped an elderly neighbor apply in May and she was approved. She ran a bed and breakfast in Hana which due to pandemic, shut down. Now they are telling her that she really wasn’t eligible.

Since they made the change, why should she or anyone else be made to pay this back? It seems cruel and unconstitutional. Haven’t people suffered enough?

My friend is getting sick with fear. She lived on the funds she received from PUA.

No one can pay this back nor should they have to. We don’t even know who to turn to for real advice to challenge this. I’m sure many folks are going through this and people should join together to fight this outrage.

Miracle Steinfeld



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