Maui News has remained objective reporting election

Many residents and I have noticed that The Maui News has pretty much stayed away from the daily dribble of fake news about everything that is important to Americans.

Americans are fed up with the media, including CNN, The New York Times, Washington Post, and our own cut-and-paste Star-Advertiser to name a few.

Yesterday, it was reported nationally that AT&T, owner of CNN, is trying to dump CNN because of their low ratings.

The Maui News did a good job with our local election. I never got the sense that The Maui News was endorsing any particular candidate.

As a young child, I recall my grandfather telling us that the media wants to control the way our mind works and that they were our number-one enemy. I found it so ironic that those very same words were used by Trump and he wasn’t even born when my grandfather used the same words.

Kudos to The Maui News for playing it smart. We don’t need the opinions of reporters; we want the news exactly the way it happened.

Riki Bernard



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