Open Yamamoto Track at War Memorial stadium

It is a beautiful sight to see community residents safely exercising in county parks and facilities — playing basketball, baseball and swimming for instance.

We now know that exercise and being outside in the sun to get Vitamin D3 both help keep us healthy during a pandemic.

It is disappointing that Maui County Parks and Recreation has no date to open the Yamamoto Track at War Memorial. We, the community track users, have been eagerly awaiting its opening since it closed to fix the parking lot.

Since the sport of track has already been labeled as “low risk” by the state DOH, there should be no hold up for opening the track.

Bathrooms can be cleaned just like all of the other facility and park bathrooms. The same protocols given to the other county facilities and parks can be adhered to at the track.

Come on, Mr. Mayor, let’s open the track!

Cynthia Monteleone



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