Presidential election held few surprises

The recent presidential election held few surprises.

Trump, somewhat deranged, infantile, ignorant and lacking psychological, intellectual, moral and ethical integrity, lost to a man whose lies, mental deficiencies and hypocrisies are only slightly less offensive.

There was no surprise in the Republican’s stale and stupid attempts to make socialists, out of social progressives. Or to conflate the unattractive personalities and failed policies of Pelosi and Schumer, with candidates of higher quality. Or with Democrats who are trying to bring the party into a much less selfish and materialistic milieu.

Trump’s reversion to the crybaby antics of an angry child threatening to take his ball away unless he gets his way, is in no way out of character for Baby Huey.

However, the number of people who voted for Trump is a surprise.

Who knew that there were 70 million imperceptive people, who also had not yet been introduced to self-regulated and thoughtful minds? Or that people believe in the blathering of Rush Limbaugh, a man who sacrificed his natural hearing due to drug addiction. A man who promoted and smoked toxic cigars, and then wondered how he contracted lung cancer. This is a self-destructive, come-to-life Ellsworth Toohey.

A man possessed of six secondhand, failed and antisocial notions conceived by troubled minds during a darker age.

Shamefully, we just witnessed an election between a Humpty-Dumpty Know Nothing, and a Strawman. Be not surprised if human needs continue to go unheeded.

Raphael O’Suna



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