Testing protocols for virus unachievable in Georgia

We Love Maui. We have visited for over 25 years, but now the testing protocols for COVID-19 are unachievable in Georgia.

You know Georgia, the state with senators who tell us the virus will go away next week and it is just like a cold. I spent an hour on hold with the State of Hawaii help line. They told us the name of a company on their list of approved vendors, the only one in Atlanta, American Family, does not do the approved test in Georgia. We finally found one company in Atlanta that does the approved test, but they are not approved by the state of Hawaii.

I know many people wish the tourists would just stay away, and we may have to do that this year. But, I will say that the business in Kahului that rents us our car will miss us, and the house keepers who clean for us will miss the money to buy food, and so will our 87-year-old friend in Makawao. Oh, I forgot, the vendors at the swap meet since we buy local produce, and the local high school group who gets a check when we come over and see their plays. We will miss you.

D. C. Schroeder

Atlanta, Ga.


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