The real truth about cardiac surgeons on Maui

This letter is in response to the recent letter to the editor, “No longer any cardiac surgeons on the island?” The best part of that title is the question mark because it isn’t true. I have had heart issues most of my adult life and I finally couldn’t ignore my symptoms. I was recently seen by a great MMMC cardiac surgeon, Dr. Slachman. He was extremely knowledgeable, understood my fears and I was able to get my procedure done right here on Maui. So I was confused by that letter because I received the exact care that the letter claimed was not available on Maui. I wanted to understand this further for those of us who live here and have heart issues. The last thing I want to do is travel all the way to Oahu for care. Dr. Slachman is one of several cardiac surgeons that are providing services on Maui. The cardiac surgery services are here and we are not in a dire situation as claimed. It is just irresponsible to make claims that aren’t true and scare people who already have a heart problem. I also expect more from our local news in reporting the truth. MMMC has always treated me well and I will continue to seek my cardiac care with their experts. It is important that we all do our own research for our own good and not believe everything you hear, or read.

Gene K. Anderson



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