We are on cusp of losing ambulance stations on Maui

We are on the cusp of losing ambulance stations on Maui.

The governor has asked for every county to cut costs in their EMS programs.

Other counties will be able to cut EMS programs they were going to add, not affecting what they currently have.

Maui county is not so fortunate. The last increase of advanced life support ambulances on Maui was 16 years ago.

This means they will be cutting existing services. Just as we are looking at an increase of visitors, ambulance services will be cutback.

This is not a temporary measure. Once they decide what station to axe, the community affected will have to fight to ever get it back.

In the middle of a pandemic, the state is going to make it harder to get emergency help. This is literally sacrificing lives. I guess this is what they meant when they said we all need to make sacrifices.

Chris Rose



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