Capitol assault no different than Islamic terrorist acts

Happy New Year to all, and for me it is indeed a good one because I am vaccinated at 75 and a little less fearful.

It’s no surprise to those who read my letters that I am ecstatic about January 20 as well and totally dumbfounded by anyone who can still support Trump after the last two months, culminating in Jan. 6.

We heard it all, saw it all and watched as he fomented revolt, believing he did not lose the election. He was soundly defeated and has lost the House, the Senate and the presidency, along with any degree of respect remaining given his self-centered pity.

Not a word to the nation about the horrible deaths and spiking pandemic for which he holds a great deal of responsibility for just ignoring it all. And just days before he leaves, the discovery that there is no promised surplus of vaccine as he boasted.

After 44 years in the Maui classroom, working my best to guide people on how to make intelligent critical decisions based on fact, not personal opinion, I am completely stymied as to how so many people have just ignored the facts as concerns Trump’s behavior, their total disregard for his words — oftentimes mean-spirited, and racist — his actions and his total lack of any empathy for the plight of the average American these past 11 months.

Last week’s assault on the Capitol by American terrorists is no different than Islamic terrorists! Now, there will be light!

Vincent Linares



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