Deal with preconceptions that bias everything

Let’s look at the truth of the human and our motivation — we are blown about in this relative world based on the perceptions of a mind that has been formed by other perceptions over time — preconceptions that bias everything.

We gather more and more of these to bolster our already biased seeing of the world. So, when someone understands this, we are so easily manipulated.

Slowly we become part of a separate reality that feeds itself. This is the true nature of the untrained mind in most human beings today.

It’s what you are up against if you want to try to help them change their reality towards a purposeful direction, and anger, rage, etc. are the most intense and destructive of all the emotions.

In order for kindness, compassion and the deeper and constructive potential to be felt, the anger, rage, etc. has to be calmed down or transformed.

So, with someone like Biden, who comes from a compassionate place, he understands. As we change people’s environment, give them the COVID-19 shots, get their children back to school, get decent-paying jobs, give unemployment where needed, get housing and peoples’ kids taken care of, this extraordinary direction of pain and suffering that drives the insanity will subside over time.

Prayer and understanding of our own internal driving forces, and true commitment to alleviating pain and suffering, will make tremendous differences here.

Sean Lester



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