Give utmost importance to character, honesty

Billionaire business executives from New York who supported Trump throughout his presidency, are now coming out of the woodwork and showing their disgust at the Trump thugs who violated the sanctity of our Capitol building.

Cultlike behavior of Trump followers and their conduct should not have been a surprise; it was inevitable. These Trumpistas have been drinking his cyanide-laced Kool-Aid for last four years.

What part of Trump’s character were these billionaires not familiar with? It was all there to see for years, even before the 2016 presidential campaign. This habitual liar has cheated his brother, his wives, his business associates, his construction contractors, banks, IRS and others who have dealt with him. This narcissistic monster, with no moral compass, is as low a human being as they come.

How people elected him to the highest office of our country is a sad reflection on these billionaire enablers whose support and money allowed him to fool so many simple-minded, but gullible, Americans.

We should absolutely make sure that we give utmost importance to the character, honesty, decency, past conduct, transparency and civil demeanor of a person before we vote for him as our president, no matter how much we are enthralled by his/her charm.

Hari Ajmani



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