Most of your neighbors work toward common good

We watched in horror as the Trump army attacked our government in Washington.

It reminded many of us that there are people at the tip of the spear. They are thousands of faceless government employees, experts, facilitators, intellectuals and many others, all of them our neighbors.

All of them are in mortal danger because they have chosen to devote their professional lives to the common good.

In our case, many of these individuals are colleagues and friends.

We are volunteer lobbyists, working on a planetary solution to global climate change and global warming. Our job at Citizen’s Climate Lobby includes working with the dedicated staff members of our members of Congress. CCL is a volunteer organization. We have over 180,000 volunteers in all 50 states, including over 800 in four Hawaii chapters.

We work mostly in concert and cooperation with the men and women who staff the offices of our senators and representatives. We work sometimes in opposition, but when we do, we never lose sight of our goals and the fact that in order to make progress, we need to be honest, professional and hard working.

We are proud of our jobs, our performance, our mission and our results. We are endlessly grateful to the brave individuals who protected our colleagues, our friends and the faceless army that works to protect us from the forces that seek to ruin our efforts.

Jeff Stark

Citizens Climate Lobby, Maui Chapter


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