Downhill biking trend ignores rules of road

The pandemic put the brakes on the guided downhill biking industry. However, just prior to the pandemic, a new and more unsafe trend of downhill biking was developing — the lone or biker packs that were taking to the road, renting their bikes from companies, without any knowledge of the rules and laws.

Since October, their numbers have increased as have their unlawful and disrespectful behavior on the road, far more alarming and dangerous than pre-pandemic.

These bikers block the middle of the road alone and/or in packs, ignore the shoulder lanes, and in general, either in ignorance or defiance of the rules and laws of the road.

With traffic picking up again, unsafe conditions will increase, and people will start getting hurt. It is inevitable.

Most lone bikers believe their rights on the road are equal to vehicles. Now, we have double trouble — violation of the rules of the road, and most frustrating, without any accountability!

And like with so much else of late, whatever legal actions could be taken are not for both legitimate and lame reasons.

I am not against bikers. I am one. I am not against downhill companies, as being able to ride the roads of Maui is a fantastic endeavor. However, I am against laws being broken, my safety and that of others being challenged, and most importantly, our right to live peacefully without blatant disrespect for the rules of the road by too many bikers without accountability.

Vincent Linares



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