Grateful for health care received at MMMC

My heart is filled with so much gratitude for my health care team at Maui Memorial Medical Center.

I would like to sincerely and specifically thank the following individuals for the highest level of care during my stay at Maui Memorial Medical Center from Feb. 2 to 8.

Thank you to my doctors: Dr. Jayne, Dr. Yera-Paez, Dr. Divin, Dr. O’Donovan, Dr. Hoskinson and Dr. Kato. Thank you to my nurses: Nurse Jenna, Nurse Ashley, Nurse Shelby, Nurse Julita, Nurse Melody and Nurse Peg. I would also like to sincerely thank all of the other MMMC staff who tirelessly worked as part of my health care team.

Your combination of care, compassion and expertise makes each of you my true heroes. Though my stay was not COVID-19-related, the challenges present currently in the world because of the COVID-19 pandemic make this statement of you being true heroes even more profound.

I am happy to be back home with my family, and I am continuing to feel better each day. Thank you for all that you do for our Maui community.

Roger Bagoyo



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