Loyalist appointments failed military takeover

After the loss of the Legislature, a loser in the electoral college, countered by the courts, frustrated by fellow Republicans in state vote counting, what is an aspiring autocrat to do?

Send sleeper agents into the military, of course. Recent reports say that in his last few months in power, Donald Trump appointed several dozens of his loyalists to civilian advisory boards in the Pentagon.

Aware of this, the new Secretary of Defense requested all such members submit their resignation by Feb. 16. Why did this receive so little attention by the media? Did these resignations actually happen?

Although shocking, deadly and fearful, the recent assault on the Capitol was but a spit into the wind. Though an incompetent administrator, Donald Trump has the street smarts to know that any successful takeover of a democracy requires the backing of the generals. (Reference Pinochet in Chile, Al-Sisi in Egypt, and recently, Myanmar.)

How fortunate we are to have a military with a strong culture of following civilian leadership! How did these deeply held beliefs evolve in the military? Are they the result of previous leadership or ongoing indoctrination? Or did they just happen?

I believe the investigations into the events of the past few months should include these questions, and the results used to actively promote continued military allegiance to the Constitution.

On the other hand, will bringing this question into the open tempt a group of generals to ignore their culture and back the next Trump?

Richard Thompson



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