Quakers here compelled to speak out against bigotry

As the nation watched in horror on Jan. 6, Trump supporters broke into the U.S. Capitol building — overpowering Capitol police and threatening legislators, including members of our congressional delegation.

This brazen and deadly attack on our democratic institutions, focused on halting congressional certification of a duly elected president, provided the public a glimpse of the violent and ugly undercurrent of white supremacy in American culture and its accompanying anti-government sentiment.

Quakers believe in every person’s right to peace and equality under the law. We have stood up against bigotry and injustice throughout the United States’ long history of violence and voter suppression against people of color. Yet again we feel compelled to speak out.

We believe that each person’s vote counts equally, and demagoguery and disinformation designed to exploit the anxieties of a shrinking white majority must be recognized for what they are.

We join with others in praying for peace and urge all to take an active role in bringing about a more peaceful and equitable democratic society.

John P. Whalen,

Honolulu Friends Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends


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