Revolutionary mobs are rarely successful

Once our cowardly president had conjured the imps and demons of Dimville, neither he nor others were able to retreat back into their magical circle nor command such sly and silly spirits to return to Limbo.

A misshapen loser had blown a sore loser’s bent trumpet, which unleashed his army of the left-behinds who rampaged for compensation, vindication and tarnished tribute.

While it is true that this mob of fools drove the government into hiding and hysteria, it was disorganized, leaderless and undirected.

It was simply a flood of violent anger, more vague and opportunistic in aim than focused on intent.

Some were seeking politicians to kill; others were simply content to make noise and destroy resistance, while others sought to foul the symbol of our democracy.

Thousands had been aroused and unleashed to express their disadvantaged lives. It is unlikely that, at that moment, the “bubbleheads” composing this high tide of resentment were aware that the property-owning class would not allow law and order to be suspended for long. And that punishment would follow.

Revolutionary mobs are rarely successful. They are usually bloodthirsty and lack discipline, organization, intelligence and understanding.

Historically, societies have turned to their superior weapons at such times. That should be taken as both a threat and a warning.

Raphael O’Suna



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