Appreciates coverage of street art projects

Mahalo for calling attention to the “Kurokawa mural” on the front of the Wailuku building housing Maui County’s Victim Witness Services and Children’s Peace Center (The Maui News, March 19). I appreciate the Small Town/Big Art program.

I remember visiting what was then known as the Honolulu Academy of Arts, now the Honolulu Museum of Art, while I was a student at boarding school in Honolulu. As an adult, I had an opportunity while living in California for 16 years to visit museums in San Francisco (De Young) and Oakland, in Chicago at the Art Institute in Chicago and in New York, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as in other countries.

Seeing Picasso’s Guernica in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam was an amazing experience for me. However, I have also come to deeply appreciate “street art” created in public spaces for public viewing.

Not too long ago, someone wrote a letter sharing an objection to murals being painted on buildings in public spaces in Wailuku implying that such art was simply “graffiti” or something one would expect in Mexico or Cuba, not Hawai’i. I took great offense to what was said. For me, it was more than evident the writer was really talking about his view of other cultures.

The murals in Wailuku, like the murals in Kaka’ako on O’ahu and in other places throughout Hawai’i, teach us about who we are as a community and what we value.

Kealahou Alika



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