Hospital staff lauded for saving doctor’s daughter

Our daughter was admitted to Maui Memorial Medical Center on Jan. 30 in severe shock from a strep infection. She left the hospital on March 1 after a monthlong stay, including a week on a ventilator in the ICU.

From the moment she entered the emergency room under the care of Dr. Shackelford to the day we took her home, the medical care she received was world class.

Every physician, nurse, nurse’s aide, ward clerk, physical therapist, speech therapist and occupational therapist who attended to her did so with the highest level of skill and empathy.

To Drs. Maimona Ghows (thank you, thank you), Muthard, Kuikka, Shea, Rosset, Yera-Paez and a special thank you to Drs. O’Donovan and Calderon — you all saved her life. Thank you to Drs. Pollack, Hoskinson (good luck in your retirement), Rosenthal and Cryan for your thoughtful consultations and interventions.

To all the ICU and 5 South nurses — Kai, Sarah, Amanda, Katie, Sarah, Laurie, Lydia, Kristin, Anna, Jenny and everyone I missed — thank you for taking my calls day and night and treating me with kindness and respect.

The citizens of Maui are most fortunate to have a hospital that delivers world-class care with empathy and respect.

Ann Mass, M.D.

Aspen, Colorado


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