Light fire under Maui’s vaccination activity

On Monday, the State of Hawaii Department of Health website showed that Maui had given at least one COVID vaccine shot to only 10 percent of its residents.

Maui was, by far, the worst county in the state with Hawaii, Honolulu and Kauai counties showing corresponding first vaccination rates of 13.5 percent, 15 percent and 18.9 percent, respectively.

For Maui to get to Hawaii County’s current 13.5 percent level, Maui Health will have to give another 5,860 people vaccinations and to reach Honolulu County’s level of 15 percent will require another 8,370 shots.

Maui Health has recently said that they are hoping to increase their vaccination rate to 800 shots a day. Some of these will be second shots, but even if they were all given to unvaccinated people, this means it will take us one to two weeks to catch up to where the Neighbor Islands are today.

More likely, we are now two to three weeks behind the rest of Hawaii in getting the vaccine doses we have been given into Maui residents’ arms.

Maybe instead of looking for “additional restrictions” on Maui to stop COVID from spreading, Mayor Victorino should be looking for ways to light a fire under Maui’s failing vaccination program.

Kenneth Ronald Laughery



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