Reopen park for use by Wailuku school

My son attends Wailuku Elementary School. Up until this year, the school has used the park for recess and kids have had a lot of space to run and play. This year, the Maui County Parks Department has denied the school’s request to use the park. The school has had no choice but to use only campus grassy areas for recess.

The result of this is that play area “bubbles” are much smaller than they would be if the school could use the neighboring park grassy areas as they always have in the past. The kids need space to run and play, especially since they are 6 feet apart. They need space to move.

Why would the department deny the school permission to use the space when the school is suddenly in need of it to space kids out? Please help. The students deserve to be able to run and play, even if they are 6 feet apart.

Ashley Farias



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